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October Newsletter

Creating From the Heart

Ever wonder how an artist transforms what is going on inside them into an outward expression? Each artist seems quite unique to me, leaving traces and clues to follow. Beginning October 20th I invite you to join me on a journey to a heart of wonder. For our final exhibition of 2023 you will encounter works of personal meaning by two of the area’s premiere fiber artists. Sandy Trimble and Rhonda Luckey weave with all forms of fiber. Their threads of improvisation offer visual compositions inspired by their personal histories and American Jazz, Bluegrass, folk music, and spirituals. Sandy notes that for each textile she, “was inspired to follow the tradition of improvisational jazz musicians. Each woven structure is a reflection of the musical score, a trace of the composition and the musician.” The titles of her pieces carry clues as to their origin. Musing on the title of their show, Rhonda mentions that, “threads of improvisation challenged me to traverse into wild and tangled landscapes. As each piece emerged, if only for a moment, head, heart and hand were one.”

In Loving Memory of Chere Winnek-Shawer

The Artists Hand owners, investors and staff mourn the loss of local artist Chere Winnek-Shawer, who passed Wednesday, September 19th. Chere was an artist, professor of philosophy, and an advocate for students at IUP. Her personality lit up the gallery when she stopped by. She may have been first and foremost an academic, but her artist’s soul shone in the jewelry that she shared through the gallery. She shone like one of the natural pearls she built into artful necklaces and earrings. Also an accomplished potter and fiber artist, Chere’s impact on the arts community is a legacy that will live on through the lives that she enriched.

Shape Shifter

Modern Muses have a way of inspiring! Three pieces from Modern Muses have recently been acquired by collectors. There remain some enticing works for your pleasure. Created by local artist Mandi Moerland, one of the hands down favorites in the gallery has been the "Shape Shifter" Athena at the far end of the exhibit next to the cove holding an Athena Club trophy and print. Athena was the shape shifting goddess that assisted Odysseus through trials on his 10 year journey to return home to his faithful wife Penelope. Born of the union between Zeus and his first lover and shape shifter Metis, Athena takes various human and animal forms to deceive those who would work against her plans. How do you shift shape? Do you do so to deceive or obtain?

- Sincerely, Brian at The Artists Hand

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