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Ron Moretti

When Ron Moretti creates a wooden bowl he selects woods for their personality and beauty. He’ll rough turn them and then when he imagines just the right form he turns it into a work of beauty. The burl pieces are especially evocative, with their live edges and voids. Imagine one full of apples at harvest time. Finished off with layers of rubbed tung oil Moretti bowls make a perfect gift of lasting value sure to please. Fill one with candies and good foods and you’re on your way to making a lasting memory for that special someone.

Born and raised in Indiana, Ronald has been woodworking for over ten years now. He is constantly trying to learn new techniques and skills. The whole idea of taking rough lumber and transforming it into a functional and pleasing piece of furniture has always been appealing to him. He tries to pay attention to detail and grain pattern as he assembles the piece so that each part flows into the next. For Ronald there is as much satisfaction with the designing and building as there is with the finished product. Most of Ronald’s inspiration comes from Arts and Craft or Shaker design furniture. He finds the simple elegance of shaker furniture to be calming.

On Sheltering in Place Exhibit:

It’s normal for me to not work on personal woodworking in the spring and summer because there is no time. Now I had time.

However, motivation was difficult. Once I started (did I start?), it felt good to do something.

The cherry spin tops are fun and I hope they bring smiles to people’s faces. They’re the original fidget spinners.

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