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Ron Korczynski

It’s a Korczynski! Ron Korczynski has established himself as one of Western Pennsylvania’s premiere clay artists. His functional pottery is a colorful delight. If you think pottery is full of dull, look at these OTHER colors found in nature! Korczynski’s earthen ware is inspired by the colorful tradition of Pysanky egg decoration, and is suitable for both serving and display. His stoneware is equally festive. The Korczynski Pottery is a well established ceramic studio in Western Pennsylvania, and we’re glad to be able to represent this IUP graduate’s work.

Ron Korczynski is a native of Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania. He graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a Master's Degree in Art Education. Ron taught art in the public school system for 32 years. In his early years as a potter, Ron's main body of work was functional stoneware pottery. However, for the past 20 years he has been extensively involved with highly decorative and functional lowfire work. His use of color and design on each individual piece is remarkably elaborate.

Ron and his wife, Judy, maintain a studio and gallery at their home in Pennsylvania. “The work is about love.”

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