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Greg Langham

Educated at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Greg's work resides in many private collections throughout the United States. Professionally, Langham was employed by the Penns Manor School District as the High School Art teacher; a position from which he retired in 2008 to return to his personal artwork. His work may be described as a mixture of realism and fantasy, with periodic excursions into the abstract.

On Sheltering In Place Exhibit:

I like to have my work speak for itself.

When you stop by the gallery, feel free to touch the umbrella, twirl it, and then grab the hand sanitizer.

It is so important for people to socially distance and wear a mask. If we are all in this together, why can’t people take the time to wear masks for each other?

This umbrella, when spun, makes a 12 foot diameter, 6 foot radius. It shows how difficult it can be to socially distance consistently at 6 feet apart in public.

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