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Anthony Frazier

If you’re out and about any given day in Indiana and the surrounding communities, chances are you’ve seen Anthony Frazier. Outside of his job at the courthouse, Frazier is active in outreach and connecting people, through his photography, music and worship. He also produces and hosts “Acoustic Hour with Anthony Frazier” on 1160 WCCS, which has been on the air for almost two decades. A volunteer for countless events and fundraisers, Frazier has been nominated several times for the Leader’s Circle Male Civic Leader Award. Gazette staffer Heather Carlson recently sat down with Frazier to talk about a number of topics including his faith and his role as a community activist.

On Sheltering In Place Exhibit:

All of the images were taken during the current pandemic

The 2 Ospreys --- Lake Wilhelm (Mercer County)

The picture represents family and the bonds between kids and parents in the human world. I've been photographing these beautiful raptors for years. I've learned much about them and this picture clearly shows a juvenile and the mother. I've actually seen her chicks grow and this is picture shows their relationship. Regardless of weather or predators, she guards and nourishes them to adulthood.

Boy on Bicycle --- Lake Wilhelm (Mercer County)

This picture represents innocence and how it sometimes gets lost in the noise of world. The kid on the bike outside represents how small we are when it comes to this large world. But there is something in us that connects us with being outside, playing and movement. It's a simple shot, but it says a lot.

Masked Couple --- Moraine Lake (Butler County)

This pic represents relationship and the commitment I have seen so many folks out in the parks and trails have with wearing masks. I have had discussions about the pandemic and sheltering in place with different individuals. Some have worn mask and others don't. When I saw this couple on the trail, I asked them if I could take their picture. They were walking together with masks on. I saw something in their eyes and actions. They agreed and I got the pic. I ask them to look to lake to capture, not so much a portrait, but an image of us with masks looking out, maybe into the future.. hoping for a better time.

The Grey Dogs --- Keystone State Park (Westmoreland County)

This picture represents our desire to be free and to live freely. I believe they were brother and sister. I was talking to the owner and he was glad to be out and about. While we were talking, the dogs started doing whatever they could to get the leashes off. It reminds me of how we fight restrictions. Then it looked like one was attempting to comfort the other. I thought that that's what we need in these times. Each other!

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