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As most works of art, The Artists Hand began with an idea.  A sketch. Aware of many fine artists living and working in Western Pennsylvania, we had the idea to create a gallery featuring their unique responses to the world.  An intersection where their stories could meet your story.  We began with the old Taylor Building that had been a hardware store, a stove shop, and a gift shop.  Renovated in 2012 it provides a place for people to come together to enjoy the work of human hands.  Giving a hand to the arts—the Artists Hand Gallery

“Something cool, something bold, a work of art will soothe the soul.

Be a part of the arts, The Artists Hand Gallery.”

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Collecting art shouldn’t be hard.  We make it a little easier with an Artists Hand “Arts Account.”  Open an account with as little as $5.  Make small, regular contributions of $25 or $50 and soon you’ll have gathered enough to purchase that inspiring work of lasting value that you’ll treasure for years to come.  Your pleasure is worth it. It’s easy to do in our online store

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