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Picture your event surrounded by locally produced artwork and served by a friendly staff. We're here to suit your needs for a truly unique event!

Whats to offer?

Free parking on

weekends and evenings

Arrange your own space

up to 40 people! 

A barista dedicated to your event is provided


 Catering tables  no extra cost!


Refrigerator Space


Pets Allowed



We are located in downtown Indiana, PA

732 Philadelphia St.

 Private events are available any day of the week!

Yes, that includes Sundays! 

The gallery and espresso bar can be rented after hours, or we'll close the space for your special event during regular business hours if it is not in conflict with one of our gallery events,

Saturday afternoon events are especially encouraged. 

·      $250 when we close the place for you. 

                 Up to 4 hours, $60/hour for additional time. 
·         $120 for Off-hours events

                 (5:30pm and after or on                         

          Sundays) 2 hour minimum.
          Additional hours at $60/hour.



We can refer you to a caterer or you may use your own.

Alcohol is permitted, though all "soft" drinks must be purchased from The Artists Hand. 
Linens and glassware available for an additional cleaning fee.

IVY VR-Artists Hand Lower Detail-Colored Classic square_edited.png

Contact us at 724-463-8710

 or to check dates and make a reservation.

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