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J.R. Sherburne

"Jimmy the Potter". J.R.'s formal background in ceramics began in 1974 in the apprenticeship program at Berea College in Kentucky. Following graduation, J.R. was a studio potter in Florida, California, and Kentucky. 

Kyle Houser

Kyle Houser has been involved in fine arts and education for over twenty years including: teaching in public schools, private schools and internationally.

Ron Korczynski

Native of Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania.  He graduated from IUP with a Master's Degree in Art Education.  Ron taught art in the public school system for 32 years. He is executes highly decorative and functional lowfire work.

Donn Hedman

Donn Hedman is best known for his combination of form and imagery. His influences are varied, many being derived from his experiences living and traveling in Africa. He is a former professor of art at IUP and has been working with this art form for quite a long time. 

L.A. Gallanar

"I began my voyage with clay in southern California in 1968 when my mother-in-law persuaded me to take a class with her at the park. She found she was allergic to clay; I was hooked for life."

Francis L Defabo

Francis L Defabo has a strong tradition of fuctional, hardworking pottery. He works to create modern pots from those traditional, functional values while embracing today's simple aesthetic- while also still being expressive in his art form. Family meals are his most cherished memories.