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Pop Culture: The Blend of Artwork and Music

Bad Co - Icons, Legends, and Heroes of Rock'n'Roll Exhibit: May 24-June 01

Exhibit Opening: May 24th, 6-8PM

Zach Kerchensky paints and collages in response to some rad music,

in association with the Westsylvania Jazz and Blues Festival

Zach Kerchensky's Work and the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon

2024 has already been quite a year for pop culture in the music world; with Beyonce's new Cowboy Carter album and Taylor Swift's Tortured Poet's Department both impacting what we hear on the radio.

Perhaps you're more into a country folk, like Noah Kahan or the Avett Brothers.

Or maybe you love the sound of jazz, with hometown musician, Joe Saylor or with Laufey bringing this sound more to the forefront.

Or maybe you are transfixed with the rise of new artists with new music approaches, like Chappell Roan at NPR's Tiny Desk Concert.

Or maybe you love that classic, operatic sound and are a big-time, local fan of Ed Parks and Renee Fleming.

Or maybe you're a big musical fan and was heartbroken when Stephen Sondheim passed away.

No matter what, maybe there is a music album that got you through a rough time?

Artists, musically or artistically inclined, are still all creating and reflecting in the world we live in. Perhaps you've heard of the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon - it's a parlor game where you try to see how quickly you can reach someone, such as a musical artist you love to listen to. Perhaps a friend of a friend went to a concert, perhaps a neighbor's daughter knows their elementary school teacher or dated them before their music rose in popularity.

Okay, now it's your time to play the game!

  • Who is your favorite music artist?

  • How far away is your connection?

  • How do you both share the world we live in?

Zach Kerchensky's work reflects on this and the footprints we have on this world. Using acrylic, collage, paint markers, and gold leaf, he reflects on musicians that have impacted him.

This art exhibit features artists like David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Freddie Mercury, John Legend, and others! Stop in and connect with Zach Kerchensky, think about whose music impacted your life.

(If your loves of music overlap and you would love to purchase a work of art, each unique piece is $300 in our shop.)

Article Written by Madeleine Jones

Bad Co-Icons in Connection to the Westsylvania Jazz and Blues Fest:

The Artists Hand presents a special exhibition during Indiana’s traditional welcome to summer. Iconic collaged paintings of classic rock and roll artists. What would Memorial Day in Downtown Indiana be without the Westsylvania Jazz and Blues Festival? Each year our gallery has presented an exhibition in rhythm with the seasonal WJ&BF kick-off. This year the local artist and IUP art education grad Zach Kerchensky has created a series of rock'n'roll icons. They resonate with spectacular color and texture. You can feel their landmark recordings in the very fibers of each panel.

Don’t take my word for it. Come let your heart listen while you view the hall. Our artist's reception begins at 6pm on Friday, May 24th.  Then head down the street to the Indiana Theater. This year’s festival headliner is Benny Benak III performing there at 7:30.

Article Written by Brian Jones


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