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Indiana Art Association Returns!

The Indiana Art Association returns to The Artists Hand with their Annual Exhibition, with their public art opening, Friday, June 7th, from 6-8PM. As usual, you're invited!

The Indiana Art Association partnered with us to help open the gallery in 2012, and they meet in our studio monthly! This group was originally named 'The Art and Hamburger Society," in the 1930s to promote the interest, appreciation, and participation in the arts. It was later retitled in the 1940s to have something less to do with food - but it's so true- art and food really bring a community together.

What does art and food have to do with each other? Well:

  1. They give us, a community, something to gather around and share in.

  2. They enrich our local cultures, giving us things to celebrate about whether they be commonplace or something different, joyfully acknowledging similarities and differences in our lives.

  3. According to scientific studies, including The University of Oxford and Americans for the Arts, the arts boost our levels of empathy and food shared boosts community bonding.

In this art, you think there would be some appreciation for hamburgers too, but this is not the case. Nature, angels, abstractions, birds, moons, flowers, and forests line the walls of this exhibit, which will certainly boost your spirits!

This organization has fostered art connections across generations. Orville Kipp, for whom IUP's Kipp gallery is named was influential in the middle of the 20th century. This exhibit runs through June 29th. Purchasing a work of art in this exhibit supports the artist, the Artists Hand, AND The Indiana Art Association - it's triple good karma in supporting local!

If you yourself are interested in joining the Indiana Art Association, you are absolutely welcome. As a community of professional and amateur artists, no experience is needed. This is the perfect way to get involved and/or get creative!


Written by Brian Jones and Madeleine Jones

Below is a small gallery featuring a few of the works from the show:

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