Online Art Exhibit

Fabric Detail
We are in the Green Phase here in Indiana, PA. Click here for more info on how to interact with us. It is always important to take the precautions advised in 2020. 


 Variations on A Theme

Traditional and adventurous works delighting sight and touch.

The tradition of fiber arts in Western Pennsylvania is long and vibrant. So are bold alternatives to tradition.  Growing and harvesting fibers, dying and spinning yarns, weaving and knitting fabrics, constructing and sewing garments and displays are part of our heritage and our future vision.  The “Fiber Friends” among our local artists have put together an exhibition of dyed, woven, knit and sewn splendor.

  Works fill the gallery with pieces that delight the eye and hand. A visit to the gallery will display life’s array of texture, color, rhythm and form.  Depending on how you view them, they can express loss, love, courage, and determination.  And among this collection of very human creators there’s certainly humor and whimsy.

Join The Digital Art Opening
Step One: Check out the virtual tour of the AHG space. 
It opens July 16th at 6PM EST! 
Step  Four: Explore the rest of our site! Check out all the artists we represent. Call a friend up and tell them what pieces you like the most and why! Different perspectives of art are so important.
(We are working to make the website a wonderful experience and better every day.) 
Step Two: Check out the local fiber artwork on this website! Or stop by and see it for yourself if you feel able. You can easily buy the work in our online shop and pick it up or get it shipped to you personally.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Take care of yourself and others. 

A reception is tentatively scheduled for July 17th, 6-8pm depending on our ability to provide a safely interactive event. All of us must wear masks and observe social distancing principles.  Following state and federal guidelines we'll conservatively allow 25 people in the venue at one time (based on square footage).

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