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Local Potters and Ceramicists

The Artists Hand joins the Pennsylvania Resistance to the Caronavirus by shutting its doors to walk-in customers.  And now you can view and purchase anything in the gallery online.  Works of all genres and artists in our web store.

Hi, everyone. We know it's disappointing that we cannot currently have an art opening due to current events. So we have figured out a way that you can still see these amazing artists' work from the safety of social distancing. Welcome to our digital art opening of MUDSLIDE!

During difficult times, many turn to the artists for comfort. These potters work hard at their craft and we should give them the appreciation and acknowledgement they deserve. MUDSLIDE is an invitational exhibition of four very different artists transforming clay into beautiful objects. It's the "springtime" of art forms. The world can be scary, but we can make beautiful things out of the muddy clay itself. 

We can gather as a community even though we are at a distance. 

STEP 1. Take a bottle of wine, some cheese and crackers (If you are of legal age.) 

Or a cup of home-brewed coffee (if it is the morning, or if it is decaf) 


STEP 2: Digital Tour of Clay Turned Into Beauty

Join us for a digital tour of the space by clicking the button below. It begins this Friday, March 20th, at 6PM! We are glad to be here for you! 

STEP 3. Read about the artists below. Read their bios on this website. View their work and get a closer look on our shop's images. Shop small and shop local with us to help boost the economy and help artists during this difficult time. If you are unable to buy at this time, share this page and website with others. It is important to sustain The Artists Hand and our artists in Western, PA. We are glad to be your neighbor, whether you are near or far in this global economy. 

Why not purchase a work of lasting value?


 We (or UPS) will deliver it to your doorstep with a smile.

STEP 4. Contact us if you have any questions. Honestly, we are so proud of the artists we represent and we are very happy to share their work with you, whether you live on Philadelphia Street next to us or are on the other side of the world. Thank you for joining us. 


To view their biographies and exclusive work now at The Artists Hand

J.R. Sherburne

"Jimmy the Potter". J.R.'s formal background in ceramics began in 1974 in the apprenticeship program at Berea College in Kentucky. Following graduation, J.R. was a studio potter in Florida, California, and Kentucky. 

L.A. Gallanar

"I began my voyage with clay in southern California in 1968 when my mother-in-law persuaded me to take a class with her at the park. She found she was allergic to clay; I was hooked for life."

Ron Korczynski

Native of Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania.  He graduated from IUP with a Master's Degree in Art Education.  Ron taught art in the public school system for 32 years. He is executes highly decorative and functional lowfire work.

Kyle Houser

Kyle Houser has been involved in fine arts and education for over twenty years including: teaching in public schools, private schools and internationally.