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Off the Beaten Path


by Brandon Hirt


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OFF THE BEATEN PATH: Photography by Brandon Hirt

  • January 17th - February 5th 

  • Opening Reception: 21 January, 6-8PM 

On occasion, Brandon Hirt veers off the beaten path. He discovers extraordinary moments. With his lenses, filters, and creativity he brings images and stories to share.  A true explorer.

Brandon loves to travel, and he knows his ice cream.  After living the dream in Colorado and Oregon he “boomeranged” back to Ebensburg, Pennsylvania. He married into the family that owns the same Valewood dairy farm that delivers yummy milk used to make our delicious Artists Hand lattes.

This month The Hand features Brandon’s self-proclaimed “sweet tooth.”  Long exposure landscapes and star tracks with exposures sometimes as long as 30 minutes. 

Brandon enjoys being outside in nature and industrial settings. His unique compositions sometimes capture a soothing tranquility.  Even in his more active subjects there is a hushed contemplation.  

He started off shooting in black and white and really understands value contrasts. 


In an interview with Sandy Trimble, Brandon said, “If I was teaching photography, I’d start with teaching the composition of the shot first, then how to handle color.” He loves shooting in black and white and began his photography addiction with film in a classic dark room full of stinky chemicals.

From Diamond Beach in Iceland, to his adopted home in Ebensburg, Pennsylvania, Brandon has seen a lot through the lens of his Nikon.  The waterfalls at Ohiopyle are a special attraction.  His grandfather was a park ranger there.  


His long exposure shots of water or stars rotating around the North Star convey a kind of silent peace one sees in many of his photographs.  Could we use a little more of that?  Yeah. We could.

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