Indiana High School

Senior Art Show


  • April 29th to May 22nd

"Perhaps the mission of an artist is to interpret beauty to people - the beauty within themselves." (Langston Hughes)


Beth Porter's Indiana High School students have chosen the title “Art Can Change Everything” to describe this year’s collection of heart-felt, creative works. These citizen-artists are “next up” in the world.  EVERYTHING they do will have some impact on their world.  Their colorful spirit gives one hope for the future.If you could see the world through their eyes, how would it look?  Rosy?  Warped?  Like a kaleidoscope of happy confetti?  


We know how much the art show means to local students. Visit The Artists Hand for this exhibit and you’ll see some beautiful, wonder-full, and maybe even frightening things. If you can't stop by, share what they accomplished with family or friends because you're proud of what each of these students have accomplished! We know we are.


 We’re giving a Hand to the arts at The Artists Hand Gallery one young artist at a time.

Thank you to all the art teachers in the area for doing what you do. Thank you to the students for all the effort they put into their artwork. We know this last year has been difficult.


The IHS pieces that are for sale this year can be purchased in person or by phone: 724-463-8710 Requests for prints of pieces can also be made.

Indiana High School Art

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Take care of yourself and others. 

All of us must wear masks and observe social distancing principles.  Following state and federal guidelines we'll conservatively allow 25 people in the venue at one time (based on square footage).