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4:00 PM16:00

Bikes, Barns and Birches--new paintings by Mark Altrogge

A reception in introducing new oil paintings by Indiana, PA native artist Mark Altrogge.

From an artistic perspective, I love lots of things about them - the shapes, and the contrasts in the shapes. Barns have lots of straight lines, rectangles, triangles. Bikes have curves, circles, ovals. Both barns and bikes use two artistic "keys" - repetition and variation, which is why I like birches - the repetition and variation of the shapes are almost abstract or musical. But beyond the technical aspects, all three subjects tell stories - all the work and animals in barns, the journeys on bikes, and walks through woods. I also like to tip my hat to my Dad, who always insisted, "Every barn must be red." Well, several of them will be, just for you, Dad. —Mark Altrogge

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