Sydney Jones

Sydney is a multifaceted, recent graduate of Indiana High School, a supporter of Black Lives Matter, and bits of her are expressed in the paintings and drawings you see before you.

“For we walk by faith, not by sight”- 2 Corinthians 5:7

Sheltering In Place Artistic Statement:

For the baseball player my inspiration was my brother. I based the image off of the song “one man could change the world” by Big Sean. When I hear the song I think of my brother. I want him to have an amazing, wonderful life with everything he’s ever wanted. He has played baseball ever since he was younger and when he decided to play at IUP it was super exciting for my family. So I drew him with his number for IUP. Since then he’s decided to quit baseball, but he’s still very important to me and I love having this piece as a reminder.

The watercolor sunflower was done right at the beginning of my senior year. I went to a sunflower patch with friends in the summer and took the picture the watercolor is based off of. The title of the piece is based around that transition. The beginning of my last year in high school before everything changes. I love it because it has so many other memories attached to it from an exciting yet intimidating part of my life.

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