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Sharon Shepard

Jewelry artist Sharon Shepard travels the world and what she experiences is revealed in her compositions. Some delicate, some bold, and many with sparkle and shine. Shepard’s wearable art includes precious metals, Swarovski crystals, delicate beading, and fascinating patterns. In fact, one could say that the fascinating patterns of her jewelry reflect the fascinating patterns of human interaction that she’s experienced in her travels. Yeah. We like that. So will your friend when they receive a “Shepard” from you this holiday season.

Sharon Shepard earned an undergraduate degree from Penn State University and taught Learning Support at Derry Area School District for over 30 years before retiring in 2007. Sharon has always had a love for hand crafted jewelry as well as a need to channel her own creativity. Creativity is a cornerstone of successful teaching and retirement created a new avenue for that creativity; making beaded, fine silver and copper jewelry.

Sharon is a member of the Pittsburgh Society of Arts, the American Craft Council, and the Latrobe Art Center. Her jewelry is also exhibited and sold at the Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Latrobe Art Center, ArtWorks of Park City, Utah, and Indian Gallery in Hatteras, NC.

On the Sheltering In Place Exhibit:

During this time, I was finding the time to work in time-consuming techniques, like the soldered copper piece. I also returned to more work with the precious metal clay and dichroic glass. They can be fired in the kiln at the same time, while the stones cannot. It takes a lot of math and detailed thinking to finish this work with very different materials working together.

The mermaid bracelet and others were made in reflection of visiting the Outer Banks of North Carolina. It was a vacation I could not take this year, so it was as if I was looking back at years past when I could see the ocean.

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