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Sandra Pembleton

Sandra Pembleton’s stained glass ornaments are a holiday tradition in Indiana. Sandy selects her materials carefully, and hand solders the metal frames that capture holiday spirit in sparkly, colored glass. Your gift of a Pembleton ornament will be remembered every year as part of your friend or loved one’s tree trimming tradition. This is a gift that keeps on giving.

Sandra is from the Indiana area and has been working in stain glass going on 25 years. She has retired from IUP, where Ishe worked for 23 and a half years and is also where she received her BA degree.

"I got started in glass work when I took classes at Mr. Croup’s shop back in 1991. I started out just doing small pieces to hang in windows (sun catchers); then I was asked to do a leaded window. Now I do whatever someone would like to commission me for. I have made pieces that have gone into kitchen cabinets, window inserts for bathroom and den windows, and a piece to be put in a gun cabinet."

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