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Rich French

He's back! Rich French has been represented by The Artists Hand since 2016. He formerly worked in clay, making whimsical vessels and sometimes non-functional display items. He famously claims to have been lost in the woods and raised by a family of muskrats until being reunited with his family in 1976. This may or may not be true. We know for sure that Rich graduated from IUP in 1976 and lives in Ford City, PA. He took a hiatus from ceramics in 2018, and returns to the gallery with what he has wanted to do for years. Paintings. These acrylic paintings bring his whimsical vision to canvases with collections of images that are first apprehended as a pattern and then dance into your imagination. Perhaps with a story, or organizing themselves into larger families and collections within the canvas. Fun. Colorful. Playful.

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