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Rhonda Luckey

Enfoldme Fiber Design reflects the contemporary textile and fiber art of Rhonda Luckey. Drawing upon her early training as a weaver and garment maker, Rhonda explores techniques to create and recreate fabric using block printing, painting, quilting, sewing, and nunofelting. Her works are influenced by her early childhood living in Asia and Europe, where her mother immersed herself in the textile and floral artistry of Japanese, French, and Italian cultures. Rhonda’s techniques include, for example, Shibori, Sashiko, Ikat weaving, eco-printing and silk painting.
Enfoldme Fiber Design is a counter to the dizzying pace of the 21st Century and provides Rhonda the environment to listen to the imaginal world within while being immersed in colors and textures from nature. From the woods to the garden, with antique linens and silks, with vintage garments and found objects, each piece is a labor of love and echoes her prayer of gratitude.

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