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Mandi Moerland

Mandi didn't set out to be a visual artist. Her first art form was dance. She began dancing at age 2, and continued through until 1990, where she entered graduate school, Master of Clinical Social Work, 1992. Painting became important to her when she moved from Florida to Ohio, where she became ready to pursue art seriously. She entered Kent State undergraduate art program in 2011. Formal art classes helped her navigate and explore drawing, painting, sculpture and printmaking. However, she was to move 2 years later and was unable to finish the program. In her new home, she found an art studio and began painting full time in 2013.

"My painting continues to evolve. I'm in a stage of exploration and experimentation. I enjoy painting the figure, landscapes, and abstractions. My focus is to combine movement the figure, and abstraction. At this juncture, I am not certain how these elements may manifest. However, they are always on my mind when I am painting."

On the Sheltering In Place Exhibit:

The lady in my painting, "All Dressed Up..." is quite literally all dressed up with no place to go! I’ve been struck with the challenge of not going out to the places I used to go and see all the people I used to see. Making an evening of it!

I was reading about how people were dressing up in their own homes and having formal dress-up dates. I think that is so fun.

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