Maddie Jones

Maddie D Jones (She, her, hers) is an actor, playwright, and theater maker who sees a future in film. She holds a BA in Theater with a Musical Theater Focus, Dance Minor and certificate in Intermediate - Low German from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Maddie is in love with learning and continuously hones her craft. She is in love with the process of storytelling from the perspective of a theater maker.

During the pandemic, she is currently exploring concepts having to do with the subconscious, candles, ancestral communication, stillness, staring into the abyss, the emotional and physical luggage we carry through life, storytelling at a distance, and exploring how theater can continue at this time.

On Sheltering In Place:

“He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster…

And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.”- Nietzsche

We carry the light and the darkness of the world with us every day and every night. We hold light and darkness in our lives. We must acknowledge the darkness, but work to keep our candles glowing brightly. Quarantine reflected back to morality, humanity, and the unknown for me. Sometimes we stare up into nothing wondering what we can and cannot see. We only know what we know and that changes by millisecond. What therefore should we do to be a positive force?

During this time, I also realized I wanted to go into filmmaking, looking at the process and imagery first while asking, ‘How can niche art turn to pop culture? When does abstraction become consumed by the masses?’ I remember dadaism came into being when the world saw an era marked by wars, unrest, and disease.

These pieces are based in the imagery and emotion I worked to express and film during this time. They are a set of mind, body, soul, and environment. They are inspired by storyboarding.

See my quarantine short film here:

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