Kyle Houser

Kyle Houser has been involved in fine arts and education for over 20 years including teaching in public schools, private schools, and internationally. He worked as an art teacher at the secondary level for nine years prior to returning to graduate school. Along with teaching, his experience includes arts management, gallery direction, and curatorial work as well as curriculum and program development for higher education, public nonprofits, and residency programs like the School of Art within the Chautauqua Institution in western New York. Currently, Kyle Houser works full time as the Executive Director for Pittsburgh Center for the Arts as well as teaching part time with the Community College of Allegheny County.

"My work most often begins on the potter’s wheel. From this time honored place I create pieces and parts that are often altered, assembled and trimmed into forms with spacious surface areas. These surfaces become my canvas for the compositions I create using my own digital photography, vintage ephemera and a wide variety of found and appropriated digital images. These images are layered and fired multiple times creating narratives that are both implied and abstract and that mingle with the backdrop of loosely applied glazes, slips and underglazes. The crisp graphic compositions work in contrast to the more organic handling of the clay forms. The work is a collision of information, a shotgun wedding of styles that reference functionality, fragmentation and the information overload of our contemporary society."

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