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Jolene Joyner

Jolene is an oil/pastel painter. She has lived in Indiana County for most of her life and currently lives in Lymer, PA. Her studio is in her home. She works from photographs that have been taken locally and from her travels to France and Italy. Her artwork is representational because she enjoys the challenge.

On Sheltering In Place Show:

One thing I was able to do during 2020 was that I watched a lot of Youtube painting videos and evaluated why some paintings weren't successful. I painted over many paintings so as to not waste canvas and that process took the pressure off. It was a great time for introspection, but also for looking outside of myself. I really miss our Artists Hand Wednesday night drawings from life sessions and had to paint portraits from photos. I found that it was important for me to paint people of different backgrounds. I thought about how my art impacted space.

There were also rabbits around my house as I socially distanced. The rabbits are cute, but how cute are they when they eat my garden during a pandemic? Maybe not so much.

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