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Joanne Arnall

Joanne Arnall was inspired to interpret early and mid-century modern art in jewelry. Kandinsky, Rothko, Miro, O’Keefe, Matisse and Calder among many others are transformed into sets of wearable art. Arnall’s “derivARTives” in necklaces and earrings offer 6 pairs of possibility because they are sold in sets of three. These are special and unique to this Indiana, PA artist. “Oh, an Arnall!” could be the words that tickle your ears.

Joanne Arnall is a self-taught artist of sculptural jewelry and other wearable and decorative art. She was introduced to bead stringing in summer camp, nearly 50 years ago (after being counseled that learning the names of birds and trees would be the real value of the camp experience). Later, during intervals of nest-building, she developed a fascination with wrapped wire creations while re-functioning wire hangers into household cleaning and repair items. She is inspired by both the natural and man-made world, and holds that art is any creative expression unleashed to be experienced by others.

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