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HK Miller

Harold K. Miller was born in 1950 and grew up in southern New Jersey. He attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania, earning a B.A in Art in 1972 and a Masters in Printmaking and Education in 1975. After surviving 32 years in the Pennsylvania public school system, Harold retired in 2006 and began painting full time. Beginning with small plein-air studies, he gradually moved on to larger studio paintings. Of particular interest is a series depicting the farm structures on the Gettysburg battlefield. Harold resides in Indiana with his wife Susan and has been influenced by the work of Edward Hopper, Winslow Homer, the Wyeths (N.C and Andrew), and Sidney Laurence.

On Sheltering In Place Exhibit:


To say things have been strange(or strained) since March would be an understatement. This spring I was preparing for my most recent Artists Hand Show, so I was quite busy painting and didn't really notice any difference. After the show went up in June, however, cabin fever began to set in. My wife Susan and I decided to take daily rides to alleviate the boredom.

Encased in our Subaru adventure mobile we traversed the length and breadth of western, PA. Rarely exiting the car (but if we did, always masked), we began to anticipate favorably these facinating diversions in an otherwise humdrum daily routine. I was able to gather valuable photographic material for future paintings. Plus, and more importantly, it kept us from doing grievous physical harm to each other.

After completing the painting, Slow Decay, at the end of June, I am finally contemplating a daily return to the studio.

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