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Gregory Jones

Inspired by Ansel Adams, Greg was one of our Gallery photographers from 2013 until he passed away in July of 2018. Greg turned his camera's eye on views of nature, always with a focus on light. Sometimes he digitally enhanced the effects, and sometimes the images sprang straight from his camera's lens. Bringing us images from the coast of Maine, the American West, and Western PA, his work is full of light, color, and beauty. He was always growing as an artist and photographer - and was a big part of The Artists Hand. He often showed up to help hang shows and to get the Gallery ready for the Holidays. He just helped out that way. From the very first session in the dark room he built in the early 70's, he knew this would be a love that would last a lifetime. The first image he developed gave him inspiration. With guidance from his stepfather who was a professional photographer, he grew as an artist. When he retired, he became a full-time landscape and nature photographer. Greg will always be missed. "At this time and place I am meant to be, to develop my craft."

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