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Brianna Adkins

Brianna Adkins is a senior Art Education and Dance Arts undergraduate student at IUP. In her
photography, she aspires to capture the world as it is, particularly through the alluring moments that are
created by the details and lighting of everyday life. More often than not, the world needs no
enhancement, as it is intriguing, beautiful, and poetic enough in its raw forms. She stops to appreciate
the moments that sometimes go unnoticed (much to the chagrin of whomever she is walking with) with
the intent of sharing the beauty she sees with others and encouraging people to take a moment to
breathe it all in. Her recent work focuses on Italy, as a result of studying abroad in Florence last spring,
and reflects the emotions of having to leave suddenly due to the onset of the pandemic. She hopes to
allow viewers to envision themselves in these beautiful places, on the adventure with her.

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