Barbra Culp

On Fiber Arts Show 2020: Rooster and Chicken

Inspiration: As a quilter, I have becoming increasingly interested in creating non-traditional quilt forms including incorporating three dimensional shapes into my quilts and/or making my quilt projects completely three dimensional and sculptural.

Process: Both the Rooster and Chicken are made from found cotton fabric in white and black prints. I create the body for each of the birds first and then stuff the bodies as full as I can so that the bodies are solid, without any give. The next step for the Rooster is to create its tail feathers and comb. The comb and each separate tail are created and again stuffed so that each is solid. The tail feathers are gathered together and hand sewn together. The tail feathers are then hand sewn to the Rooster. The tail feathers are held into place with a piece that is hand sewn around them. The cock comb, waddle and beak are then hand sewn to the Rooster. The Rooster and Hen’s legs and feet are made from floral wire, covered in fabric to coordinate with the bodies. The covering for the feet and legs is wrapped and sewn with upholstery thread to give the effect of chicken legs. The Hen is made to have wings and a feathered ruff around her neck. The wings are made from several layers of differing fabrics and again hand sewn to the Hen’s body. The feathered ruff is made from three different sized circular patterns which have a draw string and which fit around the Hen’s neck. The Hen’s head is a removable cap that has the waddle, beak and comb attached to it. The bonnet fits over the Hen’s neck. Both birds will stand, although sometimes the legs/toes have to be adjusted just slightly.

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