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Barb Kubala

Funky Fresh AND a classic throwback, “Hang Arounds” astound and delight the senses. Barb Kubala’s fiber arts are tactile and visually exciting in jewelry, wearables and wall hangings. Kubala unites her fiber arts skills with bold constructions of soutache, sailor’s knots, crystals and feathers to make distinct wearable art. “A Kubala” as a gift will make your friend’s heart sing in playful delight.

Barb is a retiree of the Indiana Area School District and has been active in the community for many years. As a fiber artist, Barb has practiced many different forms of woven techniques, all of which are a stunning display of her talents.

Much of her work is done as pin weaving which gives her the flexibility to weave any shape that she draws. Her use of simple non-objective, organic shape is a constant in all of her work, whether it is a wall hanging, a necklace, or a jacket. She is pleased to say that every one of her works is completely unique and one of a kind.

On the Sheltering In Place Show:

Quarantine hasn’t had that much impact on me. It feels like another level of retirement! However, I was still indoors and at home more. I was working on more time-consuming projects, like these buildings. I was willing to also try something new with color, like in the Historical House.

The squares piece is very orderly. Something very different for me, when I often work with organic shapes. Perhaps it is me trying to bring some order to this earth shaking 2020?

On the Fiber Arts 2020 Art Exhibit:

I have been working on a series of fiber pieces using 'pods' as a theme. The pods work well for me because since they are not real, I can do whatever I want with them. They are natural, organic, and flexible so they present a great shape to work with. There is no emotion involved so design and texture get the main focus. Thus evolved "Podimoniums."

Podimonium1 is an assemblage because I was looking for a three-dimensional effect. These pods were formed using papier mache’ over actual green peppers, covering each one with assorted brown printed fabrics, and filling them with plastic eggs wrapped in assorted yarns. They were mounted so they looked like they were growing on a natural branch, and the space was filled in with birch tree bark sheddings and yarn cuttings.

Podimonium 2 has a loom woven background and features pods drawn with inktense pencils and machine stitched outlines. They are mounted on pieces of tree bark shed by a Caribbean palm tree.

Podimonium 3 was woven "free hand" on a simple frame loom. The texture was achieved by using nubby bumpy yarns combined with simple 4ply yarns. The piece has a fabric backing to provide support.

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