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Our Painters at The Artists Hand

Mark Altrogge, Jamie Bernhard, Linda Burkett, Jamie Coptic, Ken Fairman, Rich French, Jolene Joyner, Amna Kasi, Greg Langam, Harold K Miller, Mandi Moerland, Kathy Rafferty, Timothy Sanders, Cora Smith, Jonelle Summerfield, Joanne Wesolosky, Elle Woods

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Weaving Beneath the Magnolia
The Bell
A view to the Colluseum
Behind the Big House
Jazzy Warmup
Sun Dance
Lemons & Tea
Blue Ballerina
Indiana Co
Hoodlebug at Phil. St
Two Lick Creek
Kiss My,
Leon Eleven
March Hare
Where the Red Fern Grows
Ghosts in the Senate
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