Greg Jones

.....Ansell Adams 

I can remember reading this many, years ago and how it touched upon what I was trying to convey with my photography. From the very first session in my dark room I built in the basement of our home in the early 70’s I knew this would be a love that would last my lifetime. I remember the first image I developed and still look at that picture after all these years for inspiration. The guidance I received from my stepfather who was a professional photographer was invaluable.

      Two years ago I retired after 38 years at Indiana Regional Medical Center and am now pursuing landscape and nature photography on a fulltime basis with my studio located in my home where I do all my post -production editing, matting and framing.

    When not pursuing the perfect photograph I enjoy gardening, landscaping and riding my motorcycle. I also work out to stay in shape for those long days on the trail photographing.

    The scenery in Pennsylvania offers much for the photographer to build their craft upon. At this time, this is the place I am meant to be to develop my craft.


large_Glade Creek Grist Mill - color.jpg

Glade Creek Grist Mill

22" x26" | $110

large_IMG_2046_Localtone (2)_0.jpg

Frozen Fog

20" x 24" | $110


Mallards | 20" x 24"


large_Pemaquid Point Lighthouse.jpg

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse

20" x 24" | $110

large_Rivets and Rails.jpg

Rivets and Rails

20" x 24" | $110

large_Ship to Shore.jpg

Ship to Shore

20" x 24" $110

large_Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain.jpg

Sunrise on Cadillac Mountain

20" x 24" | $110

large_The Gathering.jpg

The Gathering

24" x 20"  $180

large_Thru The Fog.jpg

Thru the Fog

20" x 24" | $110

large_Time Passages.jpg

Time Passages

24" x 20"  $110


Before the Storm

20" x 24" | $180


Misery Bay

20" x 24" | $110



20" x 24" | $110


Sunrise on Green Mountain

20" x 24" | $110


Harmon Bridge

20" x 24" | $110


Auld's Run Bridge

20" x 24" | $110



20" x 24" | $110