The Artists Hand Espresso Bar continues the gallery’s tradition of local, hand-crafted goods in the guise of specialty coffee. Grab a cup of our drip coffee roasted by The Commonplace Coffee Co. in a mug made by our potter in residence, J.R. Sherburne.

We also offer a wide variety of espresso-based drinks made with our Artists Hand Espresso Blend, designed by our assistant manager, Sam.  Our espresso blend has a full, creamy body with a subtle hint of brightness, so it’s delicious on its own or in a latte. It’s composed of Santa Barbara Estate, Antioquia, Colombia; Red Badger, Aceh Sumatra, and Waykan, Quiche Guatemala.

If you’re not into coffee, we have over 15 loose leaf teas to meet your needs, both caffeinated and herbal. We also offer classic non-coffee beverages such as hot chocolate, Italian sodas, and Chai lattes.

In addition to excellent coffee, we keep things affordable too!



There's A New Coffee In Town


We are proud to introduce our new line of whole bean and drip brewed coffees from 19 Coffee, a young coffee roaster with years of experience dedicated to bringing people fantastic coffees from small farms, estates and serious cooperatives around the world. 

Here at the Artists Hand we take our coffee seriously; that's why we're proud to now offer coffees that are Relationship Coffees, Fair Trade Certified, Organic Certified, Rainforest Alliance Certified, Shade Grown or simply grown the same way coffee has historically been grown in that specific region without pesticides, herbicides and under natural canopies. 

We hope you'll stop in and sample all of the new varieties that will be arriving over the coming months. Just ask your barista!



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